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May 2021 Success Story

Rochelle, Ezra and Baylee

Carroll Hills Preschool Program is made up with half of the students with a variety of special needs, and the other half being typical role models, or classmates.  This inclusive model teaches classmates how to be a good friend, encourages leadership and strengthens personality traits of empathy, understanding and compassion.  The students with special needs get the much needed extra support, along with individualized, specialized instruction to help them become ready for Kindergarten, as well as various therapy/behavioral needs.  This model works well because this is life; we are all included, not separated, and we must learn to work and live with people with different needs. 


Baylee Parrish and Rochelle Stack are preschool students in Mrs. Service’s classroom.  Both girls have become great friends with the students with special needs in their classroom.  They display leadership qualities as they are rotated at table time to help their friends with assignments and also kindly remind them to stay focused.  Baylee and Rochelle prompt friends and classmates to complete morning tasks as they arrive at school.  The pair are also good helpers during center time as engage in parallel play while interacting with others during associative play.  Thank you Baylee and Rochelle for being nice and respectful young girls!


Ezra Moran began preschool in 2018 and struggled with sitting, transitioning, eating and communicating.  Fast forward to present day, Ezra arrives at school and hangs up his coat and backpack with prompting.  He completes morning assignments, turns it in and returns the supplies to the proper place.  Ezra knows the alphabet and numbers up to 30.  He interacts with his peers while also learning and saying the names of his teachers.  He enjoys snack time and has started cleaning up his area when he’s finished at school and home.  These tasks are evidence that Ezra is making huge strides in his journey towards independence.  We are so very proud of his ability and all of the hard work that he puts in each day.   

These students deserve the spotlight as they are a great representation of how inclusion benefits everyone.    

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