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October 2022 Success Story

Jayde Dillery

Carroll Hills Preschool has become a place of JOY for Jayde. At first, she struggled to follow the classroom routine and did not know how to interact with her peers. She just watched as her peers danced and sang at circle time. Transitioning from activity to activity often upset her. However, after two months of time in our preschool classroom, she now jumps into center stage during circle time and amazes us with her ability to do the motions for all the songs. She claims a special seat to join us for table games and completes tasks sometimes with no help at all. She races around the playground with her classmates and joins them at different classroom centers. She loves being in the kitchen center cooking meals on the stove and most recently selecting pumpkins in our classroom pumpkin market to buy at the class register. Jayde’s mom is very happy with her progress and so are her teachers!


Jayde playing
Play dough fun
Jayde at table with others