January 2024 Success Story

Tyler Imes

Tyler Imes

No One Better for First Success Story of the Year!

If you need some motivation, inspiration or just a smile, then I would like to introduce you to Tyler Imes. Tyler is one of the most self-motivated people you will ever meet.  Life handed him challenges that required him to either give up or die trying. Tyler chose to NEVER GIVE UP. He worked hard to get to where he is today after a tragic accident debilitated him many years ago.

Tyler is 26 years old and has worked harder to achieve what he has more than most people will in their entire life. Tyler had to build back his physical and mental stamina and abilities following his traumatic setback. It took years of daily effort and self-motivation to complete physical therapy, strength training/working outs, speech therapy, and eye therapy along with support from his family to become the independent guy we see today.  During this time, he chose to focus only on himself and not let anyone in. When he was ready, he would let us know.

Last year he let us know that he was ready and wanted a job. He opened a case with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) and got a job at Pizza Hut in Carrollton. Since his successful employment, he has moved from his parents’ home into a house by himself. He has made many friends at work and enjoys his job. He is thankful and appreciative for the help from his family when he needed it the most, but he is so happy to be living the fruits of his labor and hard work, being independent, living the life towards which he has been working.

Tyler continues to soar and there is no stopping him. He is currently working on becoming his own payee, the next step to what he feels is finalizing his independence. Tyler is funny, quick and witty, positive, hilarious, inspiring, motivating and always responds with a “thumbs up” emoji.

Tyler is a great human being, and we are so happy to feature him as the first success story of the year! We are so very proud of you, Tyler.

Tyler's home
Tylers Living room.
Tyler's Dining room

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