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March 2024 Success Story

Lucas Schaffner

We are so very proud of Lucas Schaffner who has come so far this school year. He struggled with being at school and leaving Mom and Dad. His parents were even afraid that he would want to carry his special blankies around all day. However, such is not the case! Lucas has gone from tears to joy and has made many friends. He can be seen laughing and dancing and playing throughout his school day. He even shared his ninja moves at our recent circus performance. The different therapy services that he receives have made a difference in how he communicates and tackles tasks that require self-regulation and fine motor skills. He makes us laugh with his crazy sense of humor and entertains us with outlandish stories. He knows all the letters of the alphabet and can almost count to 100! He is even reading short words in his reading group with another buddy in the class. He is a brilliant young boy who is now thriving in the environment at Carroll Hills School.

working on letters
working with friends
Goodbye hug
I Love you
Nature crafts
Lucas making dough
Lucas helping with cooking
Lucas walking the balancing board
Lucas with his friends