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August 2022 Success Story

Zoey Hixenbaugh

Meet Zoey.  She enjoys riding bikes, swimming, four wheeling, Roblox and walks with her sister.  Zoey’s been working with Paige Essig, RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) from Insight Behavioral Consulting, who is teaching her important skills to help with daily challenges at home and school.  Zoey has grown significantly over the last several months and continues to work to become her best self.

When asked what Zoey likes about working with Paige, her response was, “Everything! She is really nice.  We take walks, play games and talk and listen to each other.  I like when she visits me at school.  Paige doesn’t blame me when I get in trouble, she always asks what happened first.”

Paige also enjoys working with Zoey and said, “This has been a great experience.  It is important to Zoey that she feels heard in all situations.  She is an intelligent and outgoing young lady that has learned skills to foster long lasting relationships, communicate with family and friends and make her needs known to others.  She’s gained a sense of independence, confidence and a trust of others.  Zoey is a remarkable young lady.”

Zoey’s mom is grateful for the positive relationship the two have formed and is happy to know there are so people in Zoey’s corner. 

Keep up the great work Zoey!

Zoey and family
Zoey with friends