May 2024 Success Story

Rayden Hutchison

Rayden Hutchison

Our Superstar Rayden

Rayden has shown such great improvement this year. He has become a superstar at sharing and has grown so much in learning to wait his turn. He is vivacious and well-liked by his friends. When he arrives at school, he is frequently swarmed by friends eager to give him a hug. He fully engages in our learning tasks and works hard to do his best. He has learned numbers 1 to 20 and can almost count to 100. He knows quite a few of the alphabet letters, too. He has come so far with the special services that he receives. He shares fun stories and often uses his kind words to help friends when they are sad. We are so very proud of Rayden!

Working with numbers
Signing I Love you
Rayden success on writing his name
Rayden and a friend
Recess time

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