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May 2021 Success Story

Sean Shawler

Inspiration can come from anyone; it can be found in the hearts of those working for a cause above their own needs.  Inspirational is a great word to describe our very own 38-year old Sean Shawler.  Sean was blinded by an accident at a young age but has overcome the odds and works hard to inspire others every day.  He’s built his own business making and selling dog biscuits and he loves to create and share food he prepares in his kitchen.  Sean is always on the cutting edge learning how to do more.


SAVE22, a cause in which Sean devotes himself to, is an organization that raises awareness for the help and prevention of veteran and active duty suicides.  Each year in Carroll County, SAVE22 holds a five mile hike in order bring more attention and share information.  Sean has attended the SAVE22 hike since it started here in 2016.  He’s helped with registration on hike days, attends events throughout the year, volunteers at the information tables and sells raffle tickets with his friend, Michele Rutledge.  Sean participated in the five mile hike in 2018 with Wayne Rodgers, 2019 with Austin Patterson and 2021 with Megan Little (employees of Mayle Homes, Inc.).  Sean is limitless and supports other causes such as Relay for Life and Akron Children’s Teddy Bear Run, where he was able to catch a ride on the back of Tim Potts’ motorcycle. 


Sean proves that we as humans can achieve so much more in our lives.  Yet, some may ask how he achieves all these amazing goals for himself and be so limitless. Well, the encouragement and inspiration doesn’t stop with Sean because inspiration is also found within the very heart and soul of his family and friends from Mayle Homes.  These people care enough to help him to reach his dreams by rising above their job descriptions and going the extra mile, no pun intended.


Sean you and your friends are inspiring and have shown everyone that if you just go for it, you too can be limitless!  

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