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COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) Guidance

Due to the current situation with this virus, we have created an information page with the most current news we have available.

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Carroll County Board of DD

Updated Covid 19 Protocols

Fri, Mar 19th, 2021

Effective Until Further Notice

Services to our members should remain as normal as possible. Currently and until notified otherwise, the following protocols shall be followed to keep our employees, other agency staff, individuals who receive supports, their families and communities healthy and safe during this time of the COVID-19 crisis. These protocols may be revised at any time and they will be provided to you as they change. Working from home remains the preferred option, unless otherwise assigned. 

If you are ill, it is required that you work from home or use your paid leave.


Should be limited to only essential visits
Shall be done in a virtual manner if possible
Call a day in advance ahead to verify that no one living in the home has COVID-19 like symptoms, been diagnosed or has a similar contagious illness. Ask the following questions:
o   Have you traveled internationally within the past 14 days?

o   Have you come into close contact with someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis?

o   Do you have a fever greater than 100.0 or symptoms of lower respiratory illness such as cough, shortness of breath, or difficult breathing?

If yes to any of these questions, reschedule the visit for at least 2 weeks later.
Keep your immediate supervisor informed of all needs to reschedule.
·         CCBDD staff must wear a mask and observe social distancing guidelines.

It is OK to ask participant(s) to use hand sanitizer.
Limit the number of items you take with you, only take essential items. 
Prior to entering the site use sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizers. 
When leaving the site use sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer and wipe down all items that you took into the home with Clorox wipes. 
Carry wipes, sanitizer, gloves, and masks in your vehicle.


If CCBDD is the host, it should be done in a virtual manner if possible
Should be limited to only essential trainings/meetings
If you are scheduled to attend a training or meeting, contact your immediate supervisor about your participation.
Call and confirm your visit before you travel to a location and ask about their temporary protocols for visitors, meetings and travel.
·         If an in-person meeting CCBDD employees must wear masks and observe social distancing guidelines.

·         No events shall be scheduled by CCBDD employees at the County Board office or Carroll Hills School.



·         Employees may work in the CCBDD office on a limited basis. 

·         No more than 7 people allowed in the conference room, no more than 10 people allowed in the training room, and no more than 10 people allowed in the multi-purpose room at one time. No more than 30 people in the Board building until further notice. Carroll Hills School will follow Ohio Department of Education, CDC, and Governor DeWine mandates for pupil and staff attendance. Visitors including Board staff that are not officed at the school will be kept to a minimum this school year until further notice.

·         Employees shall notify their supervisors of their need to work at the office prior to reporting.

·         Employees who work in the building will be required to wear masks anytime they are in common areas or interfacing with others.

·         Employees shall follow all social distancing guidelines while at the office. 

·         Employees must perform daily symptom assessment which includes temperature taking and monitoring for cough or trouble breathing. If the employee has a temperature (over 100.0 degrees), they will be required to work from home or use paid leave. Not all employees may work from home. This will be up to the supervisor’s discretion.

·         Employees working in the office shall not congregate in areas for breaks and lunches.

·         Employee should use disposable tableware and other materials.

·         Janitor and maintenance staff will be responsible for the daily cleaning of all workspace.  Janitor and maintenance staff are to wipe down all surfaces that have been touched with disinfectant cleaners at least daily or as recommended. Each employee shall be provided with a bottle of hand sanitizer for their desk area. 

·         Janitor and maintenance staff should clean shared high-touch surfaces after each use such as copiers, postage machine, staplers, pens, etc. 

·         Janitor and maintenance staff should disinfect common areas such as counter, kitchen, and door handle daily.

·         Employees should wash hands regularly throughout the day.

·         Employees that need to visit the office/county board buildings to drop off/pick up items may do so quickly and efficiently. This should occur on a limited basis and employees shall leave as soon as the task is finished.

·         All people entering the CCBDD office (employees and non-employees) are required to sign in and out on the visitor log.  This is required in case contact tracing is needed.

·         If there is a need for visitors to enter the CCBDD building, all protocols of the applicable building shall be followed.  CCBDD will provide masks for visitors and social distancing guidelines shall be maintained.



·         If an employee has tested positive for COVID-19 the employee will immediately notify Amy Swaim and work from home.  A doctor’s note is required.

·         If an employee is exposed to a person with a positive COVID-19 test, then the Board will follow local Health Department guidelines. These guidelines currently are the staff may work but must wear a KN95 or N95 mask for 14 days and only go to work and home.

·         If the employee was/is exposed by a member of their household who has tested positive, the employee should stay home.

·         Employee should remain home until the requirements for returning to work have been met by the local health department.



Amy Swaim will notify employees who were, or may have been, in “close contact” with a diagnosed/affected employee during the past 14 days. Names of the affected employee will not be disclosed.
Employees traveling out of state to states or countries designated as COVID-19 hot spots (Governor DeWine travel advisory) shall work from home and not travel for work purposes for 7 days after returning. The only exception is if the staff must work and then they will follow local Health Department guidelines of wearing a KN95 or N95 mask for 14 days and only go to work and home. Supervisor will make the determination if the staff member will need to work.

Fully Vaccinated People Can Do the Following Safely:

·         Refrain from quarantine and testing following a known exposure if asymptomatic.


Fully Vaccinated Should Continue the Following Precautions:

·         Wear a mask and physically distance from others in public and when visiting unvaccinated people or spending time inside;

·         Avoid medium and large in person gatherings;

·         Get tested if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; and

·         Follow guidance issued by individual employers as well as local, state, and federal health safety requirements.