August 2023 Success Story

Kelly Burkhart

Kelly Burkhart

Community Living at its Finest

Kelly Burkhart lived with her father, in their family home, her entire life.  She had a slightly sheltered upbringing due to fears of the unknown and the outside world.  Recently, Kelly’s family made the decision to give community living a chance and all those fear melted away as her successes became evident.

Kelly loves her new home and her new roommate.  She enjoyed her newfound independence and the ability to get out and do girlie things for the first time ever.  She bought a new wardrobe, including matching hair bows and accessories.  Kelly decorated her new room with her favorite posters and décor. She’s even gone to the salon to get her hair done along with a mani-pedi. 

Kelly took her first vacation on her own with staff and her roommate.  She swam for the first time in her life and has had so many amazing experiences.  Kelly is open and willing to try new things.  She has found many new activities she adores and some she does not want to try again, but that is person centeredness and self-advocacy perfectly displayed in real life.

Kelly has had so many new experiences in such a short time.  Kelly is a community living success story at its finest.  We are so proud of her success and thankful for the support of her superb team and dedicated DSPs.

Contact your County Board if you or a family member are ready to make the leap to community living.  We would love to see you flourish and grow just like Kelly!

Trip to Disney
Reach for the stars
Kelly and ET
All dressed up!
Kelly Outside

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