Staff Directory

Name Photo Title/Position Phone Email
Abbi Bausell Physical Therapist
Nancy Boley Intervention Specialist 330-627-7651
Shannan Boone Director of Family Supports/MUI Contact 330-627-6555
Ryan Buck Director of Educational Services 330-627-7651
Amy Burgett Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Christina Burkhart SSA 330-627-6555 cburkhart@carrollcbdd.og
Mathual Campbell Superintendent / SSA Director 330-627-6555
Angela Casebolt Vehicle Operator 330-627-7651
Reva Castelucci Job Coach 330-627-6555
Vivian DeFilippo Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Katey Duncan Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Lisa Erwin Medicaid Service Manager 330-627-6555
Regina Falter HMG Supervisor
Nancy Fisher Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Jami Fisher Occupational Therapist
Sandy Fixel Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Tonya Hawk Administrative Assistant / Transportation Supervisor 330-627-7651
Brooke Hawk Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Ray Heaston Business Manager 330-627-6555
Dave Henry Maintenance Director 330-627-7651
Mark Herron Janitor 330-627-6555
Joann Hilliard Training Coordinator 330-627-6555
Penny Hodgson Community Network Coordinator/Special Olympics Coordinator 330-627-6555
Rose Howell Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Amber Hutchison SSA 330-627-6555
Stacy Jeffries Intervention Specialist 330-627-7651
Eva Johnson Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Cindy Jones Administrative Assistant/Assistant Transportation Coordinator 330-627-7651
Denise Jurosko SSA 330-627-6555
Kelly Kail SSA 330-627-6555
Cathi Koffel Vehicle Operator 330-627-7651
Jessica Lafferty Developmental Specialist 330-627-7651
Donna Locker Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Mandy Mace SSA 330-627-6555
Mackenzie Malone Early Childhood Intervention Specialist 330-627-7651
Debbie McCauley Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Jodie McCauley Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Margaret Mesler Janitor 330-627-7651
Makenzie Miller Developmental Specialist 330-627-7651
Bonnie Mitchell Job Coach / ALA 330-627-6555
Heather Parker Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Rhonda Powals Vehicle Operator 330-627-7651
Sandy Ray Vehicle Operator 330-627-7651
Margo Riggenbach Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Cheryl Rohr Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Mindy Sack Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Olivia Schockling Early Childhood Intervention Specialist 330-627-7651
Mary Service Early Childhood Intervention Specialist 330-627-7651
Mindy Shepherd Food Service 330-627-7651
Denelle Smith Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Amy Swaim Executive Secretary 330-627-6555
Kristin Talarico Intervention Specialist 330-627-7651
Missy Toothman SSA 330-627-6555
Amber Veach Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Diane Wasco Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Sarah Watkins Speech Therapist
Brittany Weaver Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Crystal West Classroom Aide 330-627-7651
Jenna Wilson Vehicle Operator 330-627-7651
Brooke Wood SSA 330-627-6555
Heather Wylie HMG Service Coordinator
Kim Yeager Registered Nurse 330-627-7651

The primary goal of the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities is to ensure services are provided to those with developmental disabilities.

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Board Office Address:
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Phone: 330-627-6555

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Carroll Hills School:
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