Visitor Policy

  1. Purpose

The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities shall establish a process and set of procedures for visitors.  Upon entering any facility operated by the Board, all visitors shall present themselves to the receptionist located at the “office”.

2. Definitions

  1. The term “VISITORS” means any person not employed by the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities or Carroll Hills Industries.
  2. The term “STAFF” refers to employees of the County Board and CHI.

3. Procedures

  1. The receptionist will ask the visitor who they would like to see.  The visitor will be asked to remain in the office or have a seat until the staff member is located.
  2. The receptionist will ensure the visitor has signed in using the visitor log.
  3. The receptionist will notify the staff person by telephone and/or page that they have a visitor at the office.
  4. For safety reasons, visitors will not be permitted free access to the building without the accompaniment of a staff member.  (A staff member may give visitors a tour of the building upon the visitors’ request.)
  5. If the staff member does not respond to the telephone and/or page, the receptionist will check to determine the staff’s availability.
  6. If the person is not available, the receptionist will politely ask visitor if they would like to see another staff person or if the visitor would like to leave a note for the staff person.
  7. The receptionist will accommodate the visitor request to item 6.
  8. When the receptionist is away from the office a sign will be placed on the desk directing the visitor to report to a designated office for assistance.
  9. Visitors spending extended periods of time in the building will be required to wear a visitor’s badge that clearly identifies them as a registered quest of the agency.  These visitors are not to be interrupting work time of staff.  Staff shall use their break time to spend time with any visitor and should leave the building for extended visits.  Visits should occur in the main office area or conference room and be brief (10 minutes or less).
  10. Any visitor seen moving about the building without a visitor badge or accompanied by a staff member will be directed to the office by staff for assistance.
  11. Staff are not permitted to have their children or other family members at work except under special circumstances as noted and approved by the superintendent or building director.

Adopted by Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Signature of Board Officer________________________________________________


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