Records Retention Policy

Carroll county board of developmental disabilities

policy Reference:  Records Retention

Ohio Revised Code Reference: 9.01, 149.011, 149.351, 149.38, 149.42, 149.43

I.         SUBJECT:  Records Retention

II.        PURPOSE: To establish the Board’s policy for maintaining public records.

III.      POLICY: The Board hereby establishes a policy to file, store, allow public access, and destroy all public records as necessary to conduct day to day businessin accordance with all prescribed law or order by a court with applicable jurisdiction.

IV.       APPLICATION OF RECORDS RETENTION POLICY:  All information including any document, device, or item regardless of physical form or characteristic, created or received by or coming under the jurisdiction of any public office of the state or its political subdivisions, which serves to document the organizations, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the office as defined in ORC Section 149.011 and 149.43.  This includes public information received and sent using electronic mail shall be filed, stored, allowed public access to, and destroyed based on applicable law.

V.        PROCEDURES TO IMPLEMENT THIS POLICY: The Board authorizes the superintendent to develop and implement written procedures consistent with Board policy and applicable rules, regulations, and statutes to effectively implement this policy.

This policy shall be maintained on file in the administrative offices of the Board and shall be reviewed and updated annually.

Adopted by Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Date: ________________________________________________

Signature of Board Officer:


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