Hello! My name is Shelly Haught!  I am an Intervention Specialist and I taught at Carroll Hills School for 33 years. I just recently retired to help take care of my twin grandsons Dawson & Declan who are 18 months old.

 I have also been an Independent Provider for 19 years.  I currently provide HPC and transportation services for 3 individuals within Carroll County. I enjoy doing crafts, baking, watching scary movies, hiking and keeping busy!!

 As an Independent Provider I like to encourage the individuals I serve, to enjoy doing the activities they like as well as exploring new activities.  I like to encourage them to be as independent as possible and help them expand the circle of friends.  I

 I like to include the individuals with my family events and they quickly become a part of my family!!  Other activities we like to do, include the following: arts & craft, games, cooking, shopping, movies, going out to eat, participating in game nights, school dances and sporting events.  We also like to go Christmas shopping, attend bonfires, swim, fly kites, play BINGO, and enjoy trips to The Farm at Walnut Creek and The African Safari in Sandusky.  Hiking, attending concerts at The Bluebird Farm and attending Christmas parties and even overnight hotel stays in Alliance and Akron. Sometimes we just choose to go to my house for pizza and movie night!

 I am open to exploring a lot more activities depending on what the individuals I serve, are interested in!  I am available to add a few individuals that would like to experience a variety of activities within the community or just need help with some daily living skills like housekeeping, cooking, cleaning or daily hygiene.  If you think we would be a good match, please feel free to contact me (I’m on Facebook) or ask your SSA about me!

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