General Health and Well-Being Policy

Policy Reference: General Health and Well-Being of all Individuals Receiving Services   Ohio Administrative Code Reference: 5123:2-1-02(L)(1)

I.  SUBJECT: General Health and Well-Being of all Individuals Receiving Services


      The purpose of this health services policy is to adhere to the Administrative Code requirements that the Board adopt policies and develop procedures related to health services for the protection of all persons in all programs operated by the authority of the Board.


  1. The Board fully recognizes the challenges in meeting the complex health care needs of persons with developmental disabilities.  The Board acknowledges that services should be provided to meet these needs according to the consumer’s capabilities and to encourage them to achieve maximum functioning in the least restrictive environment(s).  However, by so doing, the health of individuals, and families receiving services should not be compromised.  This policy shall require the establishment of procedures that clearly state the processes by which this policy shall be implemented.
  2. The Board shall address the Board of Nursing and Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (Department) requirements specific to delegation of nursing tasks and administration of medication in a stand-alone policy with corresponding procedures to promote safe and accessible nursing care for all program participants.
  3. It is the practice of the Board to report all accidents and incidents to the parents of a minor or guardian and, when appropriate, residential services/supports providers, and maintain a record of any such incident on file.  The accident or incident record shall be initiated within twenty-four hours of when the accident or incident occurred.


   This policy shall be maintained on file in the administrative offices of the Board and shall be reviewed and updated annually. Corresponding procedures shall be developed and updated as deemed necessary by the Superintendent.

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