A Brief History.

Before 1950, children and adults with developmental disabilities had little opportunity to become educated or be trained for jobs because public school systems and local businesses excluded them. Our records show that in March of 1958, Carroll County Council for Retarded Children was formed by several parents and concerned citizens and the first classroom was opened for the first 8 children to attend. This was the first hope for many to remain outside institutions and still receive services.

The first classroom was formed and funded by fundraisers, donations, and some public money. Throughout the social changes of the 1960’s, more and more public money became available. Community-based services for persons with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities were placed on more solid ground with the passage of Senate Bill 169 in 1967.

The bill officially created Carroll County Board of Mental Retardation. The name was later changed to the Carroll County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities as a result of Amended Senate Bill 160, which became effective in 1980. A few years later the CCBMRDD decided to improve their public image in the community by identifying themselves as Carroll Hills Programs. In 2009, the name was changed by statute to the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

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