Family Selected Services Policy

Policy Reference:  Family Selected Services

Ohio Revised Code Reference: 5126.11

Ohio Administrative Code Reference: 5123:2-1-09


To establish guidelines for the implementation of a Family Selected Services program according to OAC 5123:2-1-09 and ORC 5126.11.


A.        It shall be the policy of the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities to administer a Family Selected Services Program for Carroll County.  Such a program shall be administered with:

            1.    Section 5126.11 of the Ohio Revised Code:

            2.    Section 5123:2-1-09 of the Ohio Administrative Code; and

            3.    The Annual Action Plan of the Board, reviewed and adopted annually pursuant to subsection (F)(1) of the Ohio Administrative Code Section 5123:2-1-09.

B.        The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities recognizes that the purpose of the Family Selected Services is to assist families in the support of a     family member who has a substantial developmental disability, and whose primary residence is with them.  The program promotes the unity of the family by assisting it to meet the unique needs of the person who has a substantial developmental disability.  It also assists the person toward self-sufficiency and prevents or reduces inappropriate placement, including institutionalization.  The objectives of the Family Selected Services Program are:

            1.  To assist a family in the support of a family member who is eligible for County Board services and who resides with them.

            2.  To support families and their eligible family member(s), to remain in their community of choice.

            3.  To provide support so the family is able to more fully assess their options and choices involving the life of the family member eligible for County Board services.


It shall be the policy of the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities to have a written philosophy for the Family Selected Services Program which shall include, but not be limited to, the following premises:

            1.         All individuals who have developmental disabilities have a right to live in a stable home, enjoy membership in a family, have access to the array and quantity of supports needed to enable them to participate in the life of their communities to the degree they choose, and experience enduring relationships with brothers, sisters, other family members, and friends committed to their welfare.

            2.         Reimbursable services and supports, as well as those paid directly to vendors for the convenience of families, through the Family Support                            Services program shall be tailored to the unique needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families shall be defined in accordance with Section 5126.11 of the Revised Code.

            3.         Family Selected Services should:

                        a.         Seek and nurture partnerships between family members, other supportive people, and the professionals who serve both these                                        individuals and their families;

                        b.         Build on the unique strengths and characteristics of each family;

                        c.         Utilize the resources in each family’s social network and home community; and

                        d.         Respect the beliefs, values and structures of each family.


The Board authorizes the Superintendent to develop procedures as necessary to assist in the effective implementation of this policy.

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