December 2022 Success Story

New Opportunities in High School

New Opportunities in High School

In September, the Carroll Hills high school students were offered the opportunity to travel to Carrollton High School to participate in two classes every week. As a group, students and staff head to Carrollton Schools to interact with peers and participate in advocacy class and gym class.

In advocacy class, my students interact with their peers in Mrs. Sue Sargent’s classroom. This class is led by the Carroll County Board of DDs Community Network Coordinator, Penny Hodgson. Penny encourages the students to talk about things that are important to them. She is also working on teaching the students about important values, such as integrity. The students get to ask questions, respond, talk with peers, and are learning to interact with new people in new settings.

In gym class, my students participate in a typical gym class with multiple peers from Carrollton High School. The class is led by Mr. Nik Schweikert. The Carrollton students are very kind, helpful, and welcoming to our students. They have helped our students learn how to play group games such as Matball and Capture the Flag

The students love participating in these classes and look forward to attending. 

This experience has been great, we really look forward to seeing our students progress with these new opportunities.

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