September 2022 Success Story

Shirley Lewis

Shirley Lewis

Shirley has blossomed since moving to a new house at St. John’s Villa.  In the past, she refused to participate in outings and wanted to be alone.  Shirley has worked hard on building confidence and expressing her wants and needs appropriately.  She has formed a good bond with staff and still loves spending time with her pet turtle.  She’s lost 22 pounds, quit smoking, jokes with her peers, and enjoys participating in community outings. She is taking ownership of her overall health.  Shirley and another resident take turns setting the dinner table and work together every evening taking care of the dishes afterward. 


Shirley works as a sub secretary for the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities where she answers the phone and greets visitors.  It’s always a joy to see her in this capacity. 


We are so proud of you, keep up the great work!

Shirley's Birthday
Working at CCBDD Office
Shirley helping at home

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